What better way to send off Halloween, and October than doing a review on a Halloween themed movie. Let’s take a look at “Trick”. “Trick” is a 2019 horror movie starring Tom Atkins (Halloween 3: Season of the Witch), Omar Epps (House), Vanessa Aspillaga (Morning Glory), Kristina Reyes (The Naked Brothers Band), and Thom Niemann (The Deuce).

Halloween night at a Halloween party Patrick “Trick” Weaver (Niemann) brutally murders several of his classmates. He manages to escape cops after being shot, and falling through a two story window. Now every Halloween he comes back wreaking havoc and killing more, all while taunting Detective Mike Denver (Epps).

A lot to unpack here, if the description reminds you of a certain film. You guessed it, “Halloween”. I feel like they basically ripped off the plot of “Halloween”, then just added a few different touches, the main difference being a teenager, instead of Michael, and they add a nice twist in the end. They even reference evil, and a supernatural force over and over, just like “Halloween.” If it wasn’t for the twist ending, the movie would be almost unwatchable. The acting is poor, the dialogue is cheesy, some of the camera shots look like it’s done with home video. It’s just another low budget bad slasher film. If cheesy Halloween movies are your thing though, you can watch this one on Hulu. I give it a 3/10, and that’s only because of the ending.

Halloween Kills

“Halloween Kills” is the sequel to the 2018 horror movie “Halloween”. This one brings back Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween 1978), Judy Greer (Jurassic World), and Andi Matichak (Orange is the New Black). It adds Will Patton (Yellowstone), Dylan Arnold (You), and Anthony Michael Hall (The Goldbergs).

This one picks off right where “Halloween” left off, Michael Myers burning in Laurie Strode’s basement. The fire crews come to put out the fire, and evil is unleashed when he is spared. He goes on a city wide killing spree, while the town tries to rally together to finally kill evil once and for all.

Like all of the Halloween movies, there’s not a lot of quality too it. It’s entertaining though, a silent killer walks around just stabbing and slamming heads to murder people. This one does a great job of picking up where the 2018 one left off, and has several nods to the other films in the franchise. My personal favorite Easter egg, is the nod to “Halloween Three Season of the Witch” by having some kids where the Shamrock masks. This one always tends to get overlooked, since it doesn’t have anything to do with Michael Myers but it’s my personal favorite. This one is a little long running, close to two hours, but my biggest issue is with Michael Myers himself. According to the movies he started killing in the 60’s and it’s now 2018. So being generous he’s in his mid 70’s but he’s being shot, stabbed, caught on fire, beaten, etc.. but it doesn’t even phase him. What’s next he’s going to be going after people with his walker? It sets itself up for another one but, come on guys it’s time to let evil die. So overall it’s entertaining and it flows well with the series, I give it a 7/10, but it’s time to let Michael Myers ride off into the sunset.

No Man of God

“No Man of God” is a 2021 crime movie starring Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Luke Kirby (A Dog’s Purpose), Aleksa Palladino (Boardwalk Empire), and Robert Patrick (The X-Files). This is based on the true story of FBI agent Bill Hagmaier (Wood), and infamous serial killer Ted Bundy (Kirby).

Bill Hagmaier was one of the first analysists whose job was to profile serial killers in hopes to better understand how killers think and to help create a profile. Hagmaier was the only one Bundy would talk to while in prison, this movie focuses on their interviews and relationship built over the last four years before Bundy was executed.

It’s a very slow burn, it’s basically Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby sitting in an interrogation room for an hour and forty minutes talking. So keep that in mind going in, if you’re looking for a movie with a lot of action in it, this is not it. I have to say this, Luke Kirby plays the best Bundy, I’ve seen. He has his look, mannerisms, speech, everything down. Almost to the point you forget he’s not the real Bundy. Even though there isn’t much action, it’s a great movie, and an interesting watch. I give it an 8/10.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

“Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” is a 2021 Horror/Adventure movie that is the sequel to the 2019 movie “Escape Room.” It picks up where the first one left off bringing back Taylor Russell (Lost in Space), Logan Miller (The Walking Dead), and Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood), while adding Holland Roden (Teen Wolf), and Indya Moore (Queen & Slim).

Zoey (Russell), and Ben (Miller) are back and determined to find out who’s responsible for the escape rooms and get the proof they need to shut them down for good. They track down their headquarters in New York, while investigating they get roped into another escape room with a group of others who have also survived the ordeal once.

“Escape Room” is one of the best movies to come out of 2019, it was almost perfect if it wasn’t for the ending. It’s almost like they didn’t know how to end it so they dragged it out and added an additional ending scene. If it wasn’t for that I would give it a 10/10, but it’s still a very solid movie, so I was super excited to see the second one. Just like the first one this one is fast paced from the start and doesn’t slow down. They come back with bigger and more elaborate rooms. It glues you to the TV and the hour and a half run time feels like thirty minutes. It didn’t disappoint, but just like the first one the only issue is about the last twenty minutes. Once they reveal what their intentions for having Zoey there are, it’s just a little underwhelming to me. Still a fantastic film, if it was for that part, just like the first it would be a perfect 10. I’m giving it a 9/10. Also it sets its self up for a third installment, so I’ll be keeping a lookout for that.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is a 2021 Netflix original horror starring Sydney Park (The Walking Dead), Theodore Pellerin (Genesis), Asjha Cooper (Everybody Wants Some!!), Dale Whibley (Ice), and Diego Josef (The Ballad of Lefty Brown).

There’s a masked killer going around and killing off teens all awhile exposing their darkest secrets.

This is your teen slasher style flick, it reminds me of a “Friday the 13th”, mixed with “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. You have your masked killer going around killing teens, mixed with knowing their darkest secrets. Horror movies are a hit or miss, there’s isn’t too many just okay ones. Either they’re great or they’re terrible. I have to admit, this one is really good. It has good characters that draw you in, and it does a really good job of keeping you guessing. Several times I thought I had the killer figured out, then changed my mind. This is a great slasher flick, and just in time for Halloween. I give it a 10/10.

Venom: Let There be Carnage

‘Venom: Let There be Carnage’ is the sequel to the 2018 Marvel superhero movie ‘Venom’. This one brings back Tom Hardy (Lawless), and Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek). While adding Woody Harrelson (Zombieland), Naomie Harris (28 Days Later…), and Stephen Graham (This is England).

Cletus Kasady (Harrleson) is a notorious serial killer who wants to give Eddie Brock an exclusive interview before he is put to death. Eddie and Venom accidentally infect Cletus with a symbiote named Carnage. Now Eddie and Venom must stop Carnage, all while they are feuding amongst themselves.

There’s not many sequels to originals that I like better, but this is one. The first one I thought was a little bit of a let down for a movie about Venom. This one is the bigger, badder movie that we deserve. This one focuses more on venom himself, he even separates himself from Eddie for part of the film and we get just Venom. This one also ups more action and bigger final fight scene. In the first movie, the “boss” fight is a little underwhelming and is maybe a couple minutes long. This one is a solid ten minutes long of two symbiote’s battling it out, pretty awesome. It still brings the funniness of Venom, while adding Harrelson’s comedy. I highly recommend this one. I give it a 10/10.

Venom (2018)

‘Venom’ is a 2018 Marvel superhero movie starring Tom Hardy (Lawless), Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek), Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler), and Jenny Slate (Bob’s Burgers). A disgraced reporter (Hardy) is taken over by an alien parasite known as Venom. Venom decides he likes earth and now him and the reporter must stop an alien invasion before earth is doomed.

So the Venom movie ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ is out in theaters, so I had to go back and watch this one before seeing the new one this weekend. The cool thing about the Venom movie is, he is the first villain to have their own solo movie in the MCU. Venom is arguably the biggest bad ass out of all the villain’s in Marvel, whose ever body he takes over not only do they posses Venom’s powers, but also still posses their own. So you can have a venomized Spiderman, Dr. Strange, etc. So Venom is a pretty cool character.

Tom Hardy is a great actor, and does a good job playing the guy teamed up with Venom. Like all Marvel movies this one does a great job of having a good mix of comedy and action. I was hoping for a little more though, it wasn’t quite as badass as I was expecting being the first solo villain movie. It’s still worth the watch. I give it a 7/10.

The Many Saints of Newark

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ is a 2021 crime/drama origin story of Tony Soprano. It stars Alessandro Nivola (American Hustle), Leslie Odom Jr. ( Hamilton), Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel), Corey Stoll (Ant-Man), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Michela De Rossi (Boys Cry), and Michael Gandolfini (Cherry).

This story takes place in the late 60’s through the 70s when Tony Soprano is a kid and teenager. He looks up to his uncle Dickie Moltisanti, a prominent figure in the Dimeo crime family. Dickie struggles with his personal life while a race war is going on, and a new player emerges to push back against the mob.

‘The Sopranos’ is one of the most beloved, and watched shows of all time, they racked in numerous awards and are still popular to this day. I have to say this, I’ve never seen one episode of ‘The Sopranos’. If I have my review would probably be different, and I could tell you how well it is tied in. So my review is as it’s based off a mafia movie. It has a run time of two hours, and it feels it. I felt pretty stiff getting up. There’s not a whole lot of action in this, there are several killings, but it’s spread across two hours. It’s more about the daily lives of Dickie Moltisanti and Harold Mcbrayer. Tony Soprano is in it maybe ten percent of the film, if that. So it was a lot different than I thought it would be. A cool little fact though, the kid who plays Tony Soprano in this, his father played Tony Soprano in ‘The Sopranos’. So that’s really cool he’s playing his dad’s famous character. Anyway, it’s pretty good though, it’s very ‘Godfather’, and Goodfellas-esque. So overall it’s a good watch especially if your a fan of the classic style mob movies. Again I may have appreciated it more, or possible less if I have seen ‘The Sopranos’, but I haven’t so you have to take that into consideration with my score. I give it a 7/10, but it does make me want to watch ‘The Sopranos’ now.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ is the 2021 Action/Comedy sequel to the 2017 film ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’. Of course this one brings back Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction), and Salma Hayek (From Dusk Till Dawn) while adding Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zoro), and Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption).

Assassin Darius Kincaid (Jackson), once again teams up with Bodyguard Michael Bryce (Reynolds), but this time it’s Darius’s wife (Hayek) that enlists Bryce’s help in order to Save Kincaid. She ends up getting abducted so they’re forced to work together once again.

This isn’t Reynolds biggest movie out right now, all eyes are on his movie ‘Free Guy’, which I still have yet to see, but I want to. I was really looking forward to this one, the first one is great. This one is filled with plenty of fire power, explosions, and cursing (which is expected in a movie with Jackson, and Reynolds). One thing I thought it was lacking was the comedy, I figured it would be a lot funnier than it was. I was a little disappointed to be honest, maybe I set the bar to high, but it wasn’t funny. It’s entertaining overall, but it was lacking something. I give it a 7/10.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ is a 2021 Action/Superhero movie, and is Marvel’s newest addition to the MCU. It stars Simu Liu (Kim’s Convenience), Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians), Tony Chiu-Wai Leung (The Grandmaster), Florian Munteanu (Creed II), and Ben Kingsley (The Dictator).

The ten rings are ten rings that whoever posses them will have god like powers and immortality. Shang-Chi’s dad has possessed the rings for the last couple thousand years. Now Shang-chi must face his past and try to stop his dad from using the rings for evil.

I’ve never heard of Shang-Chi, but that’s not really saying anything considering most of the super hero’s I know from Marvel all come from Marvel movies, and the MCU. Honestly, if I didn’t know it was a Marvel movie, I wouldn’t have been able to tell. It looks and feels just like a Kung-Fu movie, it has the use of natural elements such as leaves, and nature and has a ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon feel to it. It’s packed full of action and has comedic relief from Awkwafina, and Kingsley. They do however do a tie in with ‘Dr. Strange’ which is pretty cool. So keep and eye out for Shang-Chi being with the Avengers in the future. Like all Marvel movies this one is good, just go in expecting more of a Kung-Fu style movie over their typical superhero movie. I give it an 8/10.