“Vengeance” is a 2022 Drama/Comedy starring B.J. Novak (The Office), Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Ashton Kutcher (The Butterfly Effect), Issa Rae (The Lovebirds), Louanne Stephens (Longmire), and Zach Villa (American Horror Story).

A playboy from NY City, who jumps from woman to woman, is trying to make it in the podcast scene. He receives a phone call from a woman’s brother, who he hooked up with a few times, telling him his girlfriend is dead. The woman’s family thinks he is her boyfriend and wants him to attend her funeral in Texas. When he’s down there the brother convinces him, she was murdered, and he agrees to help find the killer thinking he has found a subject for the perfect podcast.

I was surprised how good this movie was. It’s really well written, and you find yourself wrapped up in the story as B.J. Novak tries to find out what happened to the girl. It’s a little predictable as you know he’s going to go from self-absorbed dick to caring about more than just himself as he gets wrapped up with her slightly dysfunctional family. It doesn’t matter though because even though you know it’s going to happen it’s written well, and brings a good balance of being heart felt, comedy, and drama. This is also B.J. Novak’s directorial debut for a film, and it’s a great debut. The only qualm I have with the movie is the ending, I felt it a little anticlimactic and lacking, still it’s a great movie and worth watching. You can currently catch it in some theaters, and on Peacock. I give it an 8/10.


The Munsters (2022)

“The Munsters” is a 2022 Rob Zombie reboot comedy of the classic 60’s sitcom with the same name. The movie stars Sheri Moon Zombie (The Devil’s Rejects), Jeff Daniel Phillips (3 from Hell), Daniel Roebuck (3 from Hell), Richard Brake (31), Jorge Garcia (Lost), and Thomas Boykin (3 from Hell).

This is a prequel to the Sitcom. It shows life before Lily and Herman, how they got together, and how Herman came into existence. It also follows their move from Transylvania to America.

I was excited for this one ever since it was first announced, I have loved The Munsters since I was a kid. It was before my time, but as a kid I would watch classics like The Munsters, Leave it to Beaver, Green Acres, Twilight Zone, Andy Griffith, and The Beverly Hillbillies. Rob Zombie is notorious for using the same actors and actresses in every movie especially with his wife Sheri Moon. This one isn’t any different as he uses Phillips, Roebuck, Brake, and Boykin who have all been in previous movies of his. So how did the reboot stack up, and how did his repeat actors do?

Simple, if you loved The Munsters like I do, you’re going to love this film. Zombie does a great job of capturing the essence of the 60’s and The Munsters. Not to mention the actors Phillips and Roebuck do a great job playing Herman and the Count, but the real star is Moon Zombie. She does such a great job as Lily, she even has her mannerisms down to a t. It’s perfect. Now if you haven’t seen the sitcom or not really a fan of it, you’re not going to like this movie. You’ll think it’s dumb, silly, and campy, which it kind of is, but that’s how the sitcom is too, and Zombie does such an amazing job of capturing that. Another cool little tidbit, Pat Priest and Butch Patrick have small roles in this film. They played Marilyn and Eddie in the original show. For me, as a fan it’s a must watch and I give it an 8/10. You can catch it on Netflix.


Going to go old school with this one. “Magic” is a 1978 horror/drama starring Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs), Ann-Margret (Grumpy Old Men), Burgess Meredith (Rocky), and Ed Lauter (Not Another Teen Movie).

A ventriloquist (Hopkins) who’s on the fast track to stardom goes into hiding when he’s required to take a medical test for a big contract. He’s afraid the doctors will find out he’s crazy and can’t control his ventriloquist dummy. While in hiding he rekindles a spark with an old crush who happens to be married. Things start to snowball downhill very fast while there.

I wouldn’t necessarily classify this one as a horror, maybe a thriller. It’s a horror in the same sense of the movie “Psycho” is. It’s a slow burn, it doesn’t have the jump scenes, mass killings, or gore. It’s also really similar to “Psycho” in the aspect of the schizophrenia angle with a good twist ending. Hopkins could be Norman Bates brother in this. It boasts a legendary cast with Hopkins, Margret, and Meredith. I always get excited when I see Burgess Meredith in a different role, I didn’t know he was in. This is a great watch if you haven’t seen it and in perfect time for Halloween. You can catch it on Tubi. I give it an 8/10.

I Came By

“I Came By” is a 2022 original Netflix thriller/mystery starring George Mackay (1917), Kelly Macdonald (Brave), Hugh Bonneville (Paddington), and Percelle Ascott (The Innocents).

A young graffiti artist breaks into elite and rich people’s houses and tags their walls as a way of sticking it to the man. He breaks into a retired judge’s house and finds more than he bargained for.

This is a great thriller, it has its lulls but overall, it’s pretty fast paced and keeps your heart racing. The casting is good especially with Hugh Bonneville. He plays a great predator, to the point you hate the guy and are just hoping he gets caught. I give it an 8/10.

John Carpenter’s Vampires

“Jon Carpenter’s Vampires” is a 1998 Action/Horror movie based off the book “Vampires” by John Steakley. It stars James Woods (Family Guy), Daniel Baldwin (Cold Case), Sheryl Lee (Twin Peaks), Thomas Ian Griffith (One Tree Hill), and Tim Guinee (Hell on Wheels).

Jack Crow (Woods) is a vampire hunter, and when his crew is attacked and killed by a master vampire, he seeks revenge. He is aided by a priest, his right-hand man, and a prostitute who was bitten by the master vampire. He must hunt down and kill the master vampire before he obtains a relic that allows vampires to walk in sunlight.

This movie hasn’t received a whole lot of love, and it’s fairly unknown. John Carpenter is a great horror director as he is the one who directs the “Halloween” series. I came across this on Netflix and decided to give it a try. First off it is cheesy, it stars B list celebrities, and they are hunting vampires with giant pistols and machine guns. Not to mention James Woods the entire movie is wearing dark sunglasses and a black leather jacket, even though they’re in the desert. So, yes, it’s cheesy. Sounds awful, right? Strangely, it’s the total opposite, it’s awesome. Watching vampires get pumped full of lead by B list celebrities and cheesy dialogue is one of the most 90 things I can think of. It’s fun, exciting, and I enjoyed it so much I ordered the book to read. This is a hidden vampire movie gem. I give it an 8/10.

The Outsider

“The Outsider” is a 2018 Netflix original crime drama/ thriller starring Jared Leto (Morbius), Tadanobu Asano (Battleship), Shioli Kutsuna (Deadpool 2), and Min Tanaka (47 Ronin).

An American soldier is in a Japanese prison following WWII. He saves a fellow inmates life, and in return the inmate helps him get out of prison and welcomes him into his gang, the Yakuza.

The Yakuza are a Japanese gang who are ruthless and blood thirsty. This movie does a good job portraying that. I’m typically not a big fan of Jared Leto, I find him weird, and bad at portraying emotion. Most of his movies fall flat because of it. However, his character is trying to survive as an outsider in the Yakuza. So, he needs to be cold hearted, his non emotional self, works out for this role. It’s perfect for him. The movie is dark, gritty and full of drama. If you like gangster style movies, it’s definitely worth checking out. I give it an 8/10.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

“The Bob’s Burgers Movie” is a 2022 animation comedy movie from the show “Bob’s Burgers”. It brings in its main cast including H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Dan Mintz, John Roberts, Eugene Mirman, Kevin Kline, Zach Galifianakis, and Larry Murphy while also giving David Wain a new character.

This is the biggest Belcher’s adventure yet. It’s summertime the kids are out of school and looking forward to a great summer. When a sink hole opens up in front of the restaurant it may end up closing the restaurant for good. Even worse skeletal remains are found in the sink hole and their landlord is arrested for the crime. The Belcher kids are determined to prove his innocence and save the family restaurant.

If you’re fan of the show, you’ll love the movie, simple as that. It’s pretty much just an extended episode of Bob’s Burgers with a few musical numbers thrown in. It’s funny, entertaining and just an overall fun watch. I give it an 8/10.


“Uncharted” is a 2022 Action/Adventure movie based off the popular video game series with the same name. It brings a star-studded class with Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Mark Wahlberg (Invincible), Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro), Sophia Ali (Truth or Dare), and Tati Gabrielle (You).

A seasoned treasure hunter (Wahlberg) seeks out the help of a younger adventurer (Holland) who may hold the secret in finding¬†Ferdinand Magellan’s lost fortune.

You know it’s going to be good with Wahlberg and Holland, both are great actors, and you can’t help but love them. It is a 2hr movie, but good news is its action packed, so it doesn’t feel like a two-hour movie. I’ve only played bits off the first “Uncharted” video game, but from what I’ve read it follows the game pretty closely and even does several of their action scenes. With that said, some of the action scenes are cheesy and over the top, but that’s with most action movies. We don’t watch action movies for their realness, right? But for their entertainment value, and this one does entertain. Another cool thing is it has a brief cameo from Nolan North who voices Nathan Drake (Holland’s character) in the video game series. Keep a lookout for a sequel, as this one sets it up. I give it an 8/10.

Coming Home in the Dark

‘Coming Home in the Dark’ is a 2021 thriller/horror starring Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries), Erik Thomson (All Saints), Miriami McDowell (This is Not My Life), and Matthias Luafutu (Cowboy Bepop).

A teacher must face his dark past when two armed men take him, his wife, and two kids at gun point while they’re hiking in the mountains.

This one’s from New Zealand so the accents are a little thick, so I recommend putting on the subtitles for the first little bit anyway until you get used to it. It’s a solid film and draws you in pretty close to the beginning of the movie, once the main bad guys show up. It does lose some of its scariness, I guess you would call it, once you find out the abduction and killing isn’t random. The randomness makes it scarier, because you can relate to it more. It could just as easily happen to you, and your family, and it makes you stop and think. Still, it’s good, the act for revenge is a little iffy, but as much of a cold-blooded killer as the main bad guy is, I guess it stands up. It’s a gritty, everyone must face their past thriller movie, it’s worth the watch. You can catch it currently on Netflix, I give it an 8/10.

Love Hard

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas movies begin to roll out for the holiday season. I love this time of year when new Christmas movies hit, but a lot of them aren’t worth watching. Perhaps we’re more prone to like the Christmas movies we grew up with like ” A Christmas Story” “A National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, or even more recent like “The Santa Clause” or “Jingle All the Way”. We’ll take a look at one of the new Christmas movies to just drop, “Love Hard.”

“Love Hard” is a 2021 Netflix original Christmas Rom/Com starring Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries), Jimmy O. Yang (Fresh Off the Boat), Darren Barnet (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), and James Saito (Always Be My Maybe).

A New York columnist (Dobrev) who specializes in writing about bad dates, finally thinks she found true love on a dating app. After talking to the guy (Yang) for two weeks she flies across country to spend Christmas with him. Only to find out she’s been catfished.

This is one of those things that only happens in movies, who flies across country to spend Christmas with someone they’ve never met in person and have only talked to for two weeks in pursuit of true love? It’s also always two people from different worlds, take any rom com and it’s always someone from the city falling in love with someone not in the city, classic formula. Yet even with the predictability, this movie works. I’m a big fan of Yang, he’s a very funny dude, I love his roll in “Fresh Off the Boat”, and being opposite of Dobrev, they make it work. He plays a shy nerdy dude, trying to find his way in life, and with Dobrev’s help he just may. It’s a heartfelt good watch. I give it a 8/10.