Eddie the Eagle

‘Eddie the Eagle’ is a 2015 sport/biography movie with an excellent cast starring Taron Egerton (Rocketman), Hugh Jackman (X-Men: Origins Wolverine), Edvin Endre (Vikings), and Jo Hartley (This is England). ‘Eddie the Eagle’ is a semi-fictional account of the rise to fame of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, Britain’s first Olympic Ski jumper since 1929 who competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Eddie overcame several obstacles to get there, with the odds stacked up against him at every turn.

I remember seeing this previewed in theaters and thinking how great of a movie it looked like, but then never saw it released in a theater near me. Luckily, Disney + is currently streaming it, so I was finally able to check it out. Chalk this movie up with the other great feel good, underdog sports movies such as Rudy, Rocky, Invincible, and Cool Runnings. With everything stacked against them they all beat the odds, and we love them because of it, and ‘Eddie the Eagle’ isn’t any different. I’m not sure how much of the story is fiction and what is true, but it’s a great movie that is heartfelt and full of triumph. I found myself cheering out loud for Eddie in the end, I give ‘Eddie the Eagle’ a 7.5/10.



‘Soul’ is Disney and Pixar’s new movie that came to Disney + Christmas day. Now we all know Pixar movies are great, but just how great ‘Soul’ is, is the question. ‘Souls’ has a hard hitting cast starring Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Graham Norton (So Graham Norton), Rachel House (Moana), Richard Ayoade (The Boxtrolls), and Angela Bassett (Friday).

‘Soul’ is about Joe (Foxx) a struggling musician and part time music teacher. He’s been trying to get his big break his entire life, when he finally does, he falls into a man hole and dies. He desperately tries to escape the afterlife and ends up mentoring an unborn soul named 22(Fey). When they escape to earth, 22 gets trapped in Joe’s body, and Joe gets trapped in a cat’s body.

I don’t know where Pixar gets their ideas from, every movie they do always has the most original concept, and they won’t put it out unless it’s going to be a hit. Now we all know going in that a Pixar movie is going to hit hard in the feels, it’s what they do. I have to say ‘Soul’ isn’t as sad as the majority of their films. However, It still delivers a heartfelt message, and puts a smile on your face. It makes you want to go out and smell the roses, it’s a cute original movie that the whole family will enjoy. I give it a 8/10.


‘Godmothered’ is a 2020 Disney Christmas comedy starring Jillian Bell (Workaholics), Jane Curtain (3rd Rock from the Sun), Stephnie Weir (MADtv), Mary Elizabeth Ellis (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Santiago Cabrera (Transformers: The Last Knight), and Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers).

‘Godmothered’ follows the story of a fairy god mother in training (Bell) who is determined to save fairy god mothers everywhere by bringing back happily ever after to humanity once again. (Bell) finds a note from a kid wishing to find her one true love, she must now travel to earth to fulfill the girls wish. One problem though, the kid is now a grown adult with two kids who is also cynical in the love department.

The story takes place at Christmas time, but that’s about it. Other than that it has no elements of Christmas, so I wouldn’t really call it a Christmas movie. Jillian Bell plays a ditzy blonde, which she does in most of her roles. Take workaholics for instance, same role, she’s just a fair god mother in this one. Which speaking of Workaholics first Disney casts Adam Devine in a new original movie, and now Jillian Bell. Definitely interesting choices from Disney, I find both hilarious, but their comedy is pretty adult. Back to the movie at hand, other than having nothing to do with Christmas, it’s hard to get invested in the characters. They say Mackenzie’s (Fisher) husband died, and she doesn’t believe in love, and that’s about it. It doesn’t go anymore in depth than that. It focus’s on Eleanor’s (Bell) incompetence, which has it’s funny parts, but it doesn’t give the story any substance. It’s cute and it’s an okay watch, but overall it’s forgettable. You can check this one out on Disney +, I give it a 5.5/10

Magic Camp

‘Magic Camp’ is a 2020 Disney family comedy that you can stream on Disney+, it stars Adam Devine (Workaholics), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), Gillian Jacobs (Community), and Nathaniel Logan Mcintyre (David Makes Man). Andy (Devine) returns to a prestigious magic institute as a camp counselor where he was once a stand out magician. He has been given a bunk of newbies who struggle in magic. He must help them pull together and win the coveted golden hat that goes to the best bunk.

‘Magic Camp’ is a typical Disney movie where a rag tag team pulls together to accomplish their goal. What is surprising about this movie is their casting choice in Adam Devine, I love Devine, I find him hilarious. His comedy however, is very raunchy, just take ‘Workaholics’, ‘Jexi’, and ‘Game Over, Man!’ for instance, so Disney casting him in this is an odd choice. Devine plays a great part though, even with his comedy toned way down. ‘Magic Camp’ is a heartfelt movie that the whole family will love. I give it a 6.5/10.


‘Onward’ is a 2020 animated Fantasy movie by Pixar. ‘Onward’ was in theaters still when the quarantine was put in place, but you can now stream it on Disney+. Which I’m sure a lot of parents are thankful for. ‘Onward’ follows the story of two elf brothers who are given a gift by their deceased dad, they are not allowed to open it until they are both sixteen or older. The gift is a magic staff that allows them to bring back their dad for one day. They are missing a piece and are now on a quest to retrieve it in order to bring their dad back.

‘Onward’ has a blockbuster cast starring Tom Holland (Spider-man: Homecoming.), Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Recreation.), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld), and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures, The Help.), plus many others.

The question with ‘Onward’ is not if it is good or not, but how good is it? Pixar hasn’t made a bad film, and at this point, I don’t think they are capable of it. Pixar always comes up with the most original ideas such as ‘Toy Story’, ‘A Bug’s Life’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘CoCo’, and ‘Monsters INC.’ Not only are their movies original, they also hit you in the feels harder than any other animated movies. You know it’s coming when you watch a Pixar film, and ‘Onward’ isn’t any different. So how does ‘Onward’ stack up? It does drag a little bit in the middle but is pulled all back together in the end. If this movie doesn’t at least make you tear up, you’re not human. The casting is great, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are perfect for their roles. ‘Onward’ is another hit out of the park for Pixar and is going to go down as a classic with their other films. It is a must see, and I give it a 8.5/10.