Head Count

I found this gem on Netflix. It’s a perfect movie in time for Halloween. ‘Head Count’ is about a group of four college couples and their single female friend who take a weekend trip out west for vacation while renting a secluded house. While out on one of their desert hikes and downtime on one of the peaks, they run into our main character Evan and his hippie brother Peyton. Evan is only in town for the weekend as well to visit Peyton, they have an estranged relationship, and Evan is more than happy to go with the couples and Zoe, the single female, back to their rented house for a weekend of partying. While sitting around the campfire they take turns telling scary stories from a website. When it’s Evan’s turn he reads off a rhyme about a spirit who if you say it’s name five times you end up summoning. All the kids laugh it off as a lame rhyme and continue their partying. The spirit is a shape shifter who takes the form of the different kids and can only kill in groups of five by making them commit suicide.

This movie is a little slow at first, but about half way through it takes off hard with the creepy factor and does not stop. I wouldn’t say it’s scary, but it is more of a psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat through out the movie. I loved it, it’s an Indy film with unknown actors and actresses, but they did and amazing job, and as I mentioned before it really nails the creepy factor. If you can get past the first twenty minuets setting up the film, it is worth the watch.