‘Fatale’ is a 2020 thriller/mystery that is currently in theaters. I’m fortunate to still be in an area where movies are still being shown in theaters. There isn’t a whole of them left open but there is a few, and I’ll continue to support them as long as I can. ‘Fatale’ has a strong cast staring Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby), Michael Ealy (The Intruder), Mike Colter ( Luke Cage), Damaris Lewis (BlacKkKlansman), and Tyrin Turner (Meet the Blacks). ‘Fatale’ is about a married man (Ealy) who has a one night stand/affair with a police officer (Swank) while in Vegas. When he returns back home, to his already rocky marriage, his and his wife’s house gets broken into. The detective assigned to his case happens to be the same woman he had an affair with, and she is about to make his life a whole lot worse for him.

The trailer is a little misleading, it makes it appear as if Swank is responsible for all his problems. While she is insane, and the cause for a lot of it, she’s not the cause of all of it. The movie is a little predictable, and easy to guess the twist right off the bat, but it’s a good movie. Everyone plays a good part, Hilary Swank is a great actress who nails the psycho role. It’s non stop action and makes for an entertaining movie overall. I give it a 7/10.

Logan Lucky

‘Logan Lucky’ is a 2017 crime/comedy staring Channing Tatum (Magic Mike), Adam Driver (Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker), Seth MacFarlane (The Orville), Riley Keough (The Lodge), Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek), Daniel Craig (Casino Royale), Farrah Mackenzie (Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors), and Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby). Two Brothers Jimmy (Tatum), and Clyde Logan (Driver) decide to rob Charlotte Motor Speedway during Nascar’s biggest race. They need the help of master safe cracker Joe Bang (Craig), only problem is Bang is behind bars, so they must bust him out and get him back before anyone notices he’s gone.

First off ‘Logan Lucky’ has a blockbuster cast, and the story is great. Think of ‘Oceans 11’ except with rednecks, that’s the easiest way to describe it. First and foremost it’s a heist movie, and it’s a great one at that. It’s full of twists and turns and an elaborate plot. There’s not really a movie quite like it, it’s a much watch. You can currently check it out on Amazon Prime, I give it a 9/10.

The Hunt

‘The Hunt’ is a 2020 horror/thriller by Blumhouse Productions. ‘The Hunt’ features a pretty good cast with Betty Gilpin (GLOW. Stuber), Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby), Ike Barinholtz (Blockers), Wayne Duvall (O Brother, Where Art though?), Ethan Suplee (My Name is Earl), and Emma Roberts (American Horror Story).

‘The Hunt’ is considered 2020’s most controversial film, in fact so controversial where several theaters decided to pull it. To me it seemed as if it’s been done four other times with ‘The Purge’, the rich hunting the poor, nothing new, so why is ‘The Hunt’ so controversial? Maybe because as a society in general we are more easily offended. After watching it, that’s not exactly the case. It’s not just the rich hunting the poor but liberal elites hunting down twelve deplorable republicans. This is why it’s so controversial because of the political aspect. They really hit the political correctness of the lefts and the rights as being rednecks. I even got a little offended, with as much divide that is in our society right now, why cause more with a movie?

Keeping in mind it’s just a movie though, and looking past the political part, its a solid film. It starts out with a bang right off the bat, and keeps up the pace all the way through. I also love Betty Gilpin, she’s a great actress, and she’s starting to get into bigger and bigger roles. I would like to see more of her, she is possibly the next big thing. Considering everything I give ‘The Hunt’ a 7/10.