The Vanished

‘The Vanished’ is a 2020 mystery/thriller starring Anne Heche (John Q), Thomas Jane (The Punisher), Alex Haydon (All the Bright Places), and John D. Hickman (The Vampire Diaries). A husband, wife, and their ten year old daughter take their rv on a camping trip to a rv park. Their ten year old daughter ends up being abducted, and the parents will go any length to get their daughter back safely.

Let me start off by saying this movie is insane, just check out the trailer. The actors aren’t big and it starts out a little cheesy but stick with it. After about 20 min in or so, then the movie gets crazy and doesn’t let up. I’m pretty good at guessing endings, and figuring out who did what. This movie I couldn’t guess it. It will have you guessing all the way up till the end, and let me tell you, it has a crazy ending in store. This is a great thriller you can find on Netflix, I give it a solid 9/10.