Wrath of Man

‘Wrath of Man’ is 2021 action/thriller starring Jason Statham (The Transporter), Holt McCallany (Mindhunter), Josh Hartnett (30 Days of Night), Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice), Niamh Algar (Raised by Wolves), Babs Olusanmokun (Black Mirror), and Post Malone.

A Mafia boss’s son is killed in an armored car heist by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The mafia boss finds out it’s an inside job, and poses as a security officer to get a job with the armored car company. He now must figure out who killed his son, and settle the score.

This movie is more of a slow burn than expected of a Statham film. There’s literally zero hand to hand combat, and doesn’t have a ton of action until about the last twenty/thirty minutes. Then there is a huge gun fight scene. I kept waiting for Jason to do his thing but it never happened, if your looking for him to beat up a bunch of people, watch ‘The Transporter’ series, because this one won’t be for you. McCallany plays a great second role to Statham, I really like him in ‘Mindhunter’, and I was happy to see him playing a big role in this film. Post Malone even has a small part in it. Though, there isn’t a lot of action and it is a bit on the slow side, the story is good and the acting is as well. It’s different than what I was expecting but it is still good. Who’s not going to like Statham and McCallany in the same movie? I give it a 7/10


Spencer Confidential

‘Spencer Confidential’ is a Netflix exclusive starring Mark Wahlberg. It’s been in the top 10 in the U.S. on Netflix since dropping last week. I’ve said more than once and I’ll say it again, I love how Netflix keeps dropping all these exclusive movies and going after big stars and who better than Marky Mark. Keep it coming Netflix.

‘Spencer Confidential features a great cast staring Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke (Black Panther, US), Alan Arkin (Going in Style), Iliza Shlesinger (Instant Family), Bokeem Woodbine (Queen & Slim), Mark Maron (GLOW), and even Post Malone.

The story follows Spencer (Mark Wahlberg) an ex-cop who just got of prison for assaulting a dirty cop. When the dirty cop turns up dead the same day Spencer gets out of prison, him and his no nonsense roommate get roped into finding out who did it and taking the bad guys down.

This action comedy looked really good in the trailer, but Netflix has a tendency to overplay their trailers and give away too much. Plus Mark Wahlberg is not in a bad film. All the action scenes that happen in the movie appear in the trailer, from the trailer I was expecting more but there just wasn’t. It’s almost a two hour movie and the first 30/45 minutes really drag. After that though the movie gets pretty good and the plot really comes together. I was just expecting a little more out of it, if they shortened it by half an hour I think it would be a fantastic film. They ended it with hints of a second film, which I really don’t think they need. Just leave it one and done. I have to give this one a 6/10.