The War with Grandpa

‘The War with Grandpa’ is a 2020 comedy with a pretty simple concept a kid gets in a “war” with his grandpa. When an elderly grandad moves in with his daughter, he takes over his grandson’s room, which puts his grandson in the attic. His grandson declares a declaration of war, and pranks on each other soon ensue. ‘The War with Grandpa’ stars Robert De Niro (Raging Bull), Oakes Fegley (Pete’s Dragon), Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), Rob Riggle (Night School), Cheech Marin (Up in Smoke), Colin Ford (Daybreak), and Christopher Walken (Seven Psychopaths).

So a couple of varying opinions here, I went to see it with my wife. She was excited about the movie with the bar set really high, I on the other hand didn’t think it looked too good so I went in with the bar low. I was really surprised to see the star studded cast, I wasn’t expecting this movie to be that loaded. The premise, I thought was a little dumb, instead of getting into a prank war, why didn’t the grandpa just go and tell on him? But then we wouldn’t have a movie. Soon I forgot about that and waited to see what they were going to pull on each other. The pranks are funny and lighthearted. It’s an overall funny, lighthearted movie that the whole family will enjoy. Even though it didn’t live up to my wife’s expectations, it exceeded mine. I give it a 7/10