No Man of God

“No Man of God” is a 2021 crime movie starring Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Luke Kirby (A Dog’s Purpose), Aleksa Palladino (Boardwalk Empire), and Robert Patrick (The X-Files). This is based on the true story of FBI agent Bill Hagmaier (Wood), and infamous serial killer Ted Bundy (Kirby).

Bill Hagmaier was one of the first analysists whose job was to profile serial killers in hopes to better understand how killers think and to help create a profile. Hagmaier was the only one Bundy would talk to while in prison, this movie focuses on their interviews and relationship built over the last four years before Bundy was executed.

It’s a very slow burn, it’s basically Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby sitting in an interrogation room for an hour and forty minutes talking. So keep that in mind going in, if you’re looking for a movie with a lot of action in it, this is not it. I have to say this, Luke Kirby plays the best Bundy, I’ve seen. He has his look, mannerisms, speech, everything down. Almost to the point you forget he’s not the real Bundy. Even though there isn’t much action, it’s a great movie, and an interesting watch. I give it an 8/10.


Edge of Fear

Most of the world is quarantined and who isn’t will probably be soon. Movie theaters across the board are closed. So a lot and I mean a lot of people will be binge watching movies on Netflix. So I’m going to talk about ‘Edge of Fear’ a movie currently streaming on Netflix.

‘Edge of Fear’ is an action movie from 2018. After breaking a man out of prison, and left without a ride, they come upon a cabin in the woods. It goes terribly wrong for the people at the cabin, one of the men is stabbed in the chest and left for dead. He must now save his wife from the intruders. ‘Edge of Fear’ stars Rockmond Dunbar (SOA, Prison Break), Zhu Zhu (Man with the Iron Fists), Shen Lin, Robert Knepper (Prison Break, I Zombie), Robert Crayton (Ant-Man), Andy Mackenzie (True Detective), Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Prison Break), and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2:Judgement Day, X-Files).

I personally love Robert Patrick, I love his role in X-Files as Agent John Doggett. So no matter what I see him in, I see him as Agent Doggett, and I’m going to watch it. The movie starts out as pretty cheesy and it is definitely over the top. A man is wandering around with a knife sticking out of his chest, on the verge of passing out, taking out intruders one by one. However it is a pretty good movie, not believable, but good. You find yourself cheering for the guy, and forget how cheesy it is. If you’re looking for a pretty solid action movie to watch, I suggest this one. I give it 7/10.