‘Z’ is a 2019 horror, exclusive through Shudder. ‘Z’ is a story about a kids imaginary friend named Z that begins to torment his family, his mother comes to realize Z is all to familiar. ‘Z’ stars Keegan Connor Tracy (Bates Motel), Sean Rogerson (Grave Encounters), Jett Klyne (Skyscraper), and Stephen McHattie (Come to Daddy).

‘Z’ has ‘The Babadook’ feel all over it, if you watch both, you could come up with comparisons all day. The mental illness, the suspense build up, the weird kid. Unlike ‘The Babadook’ though, ‘Z’ isn’t boring. I couldn’t even make it through ‘The Babadook’ it was so slow. ‘Z’ nails down the creepiness aspect and doesn’t let up. There aren’t many good creepy horror movies that come out, so ‘Z’ is definitely worth watching. I give it a 7.5/10.


Come to Daddy

‘Come to Daddy’ is a 2019 horror/thriller starring Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Stephen McHattie (Watchmen), Madeleine Sami (The Breaker Upperers), Martin Donovan (Big Little Lies), and Michael Smiley (Luther). Elijah Wood’s character receives a letter from his estranged father who walked out of his life when he was five years old. He takes this as a chance to reconnect with him by going to visit him. Problem is, his dad isn’t what he expected.

I really like Elijah Wood, and Daniel Radcliffe, but it’s not because of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ series or the Harry Potter movies. It’s because of all the random insane rolls both take on ever since the movies listed above. I love it, and ‘Come to Daddy’ is no different for Elijah Woods. This movie starts out slow but once you get to the half way point the movie takes off hard. It has one of the bloodiest and most unique on screen kills I’ve seen, and that’s up there with Terrifier’s sawing the naked upside down woman in half. If you love these random Radcliffe and Wood roles like I do, and want to see Wood go ham on some people, then ‘Come to Daddy’ is for you. I give it a 7.5/10.