John Carpenter’s Vampires

“Jon Carpenter’s Vampires” is a 1998 Action/Horror movie based off the book “Vampires” by John Steakley. It stars James Woods (Family Guy), Daniel Baldwin (Cold Case), Sheryl Lee (Twin Peaks), Thomas Ian Griffith (One Tree Hill), and Tim Guinee (Hell on Wheels).

Jack Crow (Woods) is a vampire hunter, and when his crew is attacked and killed by a master vampire, he seeks revenge. He is aided by a priest, his right-hand man, and a prostitute who was bitten by the master vampire. He must hunt down and kill the master vampire before he obtains a relic that allows vampires to walk in sunlight.

This movie hasn’t received a whole lot of love, and it’s fairly unknown. John Carpenter is a great horror director as he is the one who directs the “Halloween” series. I came across this on Netflix and decided to give it a try. First off it is cheesy, it stars B list celebrities, and they are hunting vampires with giant pistols and machine guns. Not to mention James Woods the entire movie is wearing dark sunglasses and a black leather jacket, even though they’re in the desert. So, yes, it’s cheesy. Sounds awful, right? Strangely, it’s the total opposite, it’s awesome. Watching vampires get pumped full of lead by B list celebrities and cheesy dialogue is one of the most 90 things I can think of. It’s fun, exciting, and I enjoyed it so much I ordered the book to read. This is a hidden vampire movie gem. I give it an 8/10.