John Wick 3

Today I’m going to talk about John Wick 3 mainly for two reasons. 1. It is an awesome movie, and 2. Keanu Reeves is a very hot button topic right now. People can not get enough of him. Keanu made a surprise appearance to E3 the other day and announced he will be in a futuristic game called ‘Cyber Punk 2077’. Social media went berserk. Fans agreed Keanu stole the show at E3 hands down. Anyway enough of Keanu and on to John Wick 3. I went to see it on opening weekend, with the way social media is the only way to see a movie is on opening weekend otherwise you’re going to get hit with a spoiler. I personally liked John Wick 3 better than the others simply because it was almost all hand to hand combat. While gun fights are entertaining to watch, it doesn’t beat hand to hand fight scenes. Plus John Wick kills a seven foot dude with a library book, where else are you going to see that? It was as awesome as it sounds. John Wick 3 also features Halle Berry and her two attack dogs. Which by the way are wearing bullet proof vests, safety first. The way it ends they do set it up for a John Wick 4. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a must see. I believe it is time for Chuck Norris to hand over his keys, there’s a new badass taking over and his name is Keanu.


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