Child’s Play

I’m not going to talk about the original 1988 cult classic ‘Child’s Play’, but the more recent 2019 remake. Now I was a little hesitant to go see this movie, not because I thought it would be scary. I love horror, and I don’t find Chucky scary. I was hesitant because one, most remakes don’t do the original justice, besides the rare few, and two the new Chucky looks plain dumb. He looks way to CGI. So I went in not expecting a whole lot, but I was genuinely surprised. It was a good movie. They switched it up with a new original story line, and it worked. It starts out in a Vietnamese sweat shop where the Buddi dolls are being made. One the workers hates his life, and his boss is a total jerk to him. He keeps day dreaming which makes his boss mad and kicks the worker out. Instead of going back to the streets, he turns off all of the safety censors on one of the Buddi dolls, packages it up, and takes his own life, and that’s how Chucky begins his journey to the U.S. Andy is an underprivileged kid being raised by a single mother. A Buddi doll is returned to where Andy’s mother works, for being “damaged”. With Andy’s birthday coming up his mother brings the doll home as a birthday gift. Andy doesn’t have any friends and the Buddi doll is supposed to be the perfect companion. The Buddi doll is self learning and can sync itself with virtually any technology, cars, TV’s, thermostats, etc… Without the safety censors Chucky is free to do whatever he pleases. He doesn’t fully grasp right from wrong and will do whatever it takes to be Andy’s one and only friend. I found myself almost feeling for Chucky. With out giving away too much, this is a must see movie.


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