The Lion King

This is a hard one to review. I want to get this out of the way, I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this movie. Some claiming it is the best live action remake and others saying it is terrible and doesn’t do the original justice. I will say the best remake so far, hands down, is ‘Aladdin’. There is only one Robin Williams, and only one genie, but the next best pick was Will Smith. He absolutely killed the role. Now back to ‘The Lion King’ is it a great movie, yes. Casting was excellent, I personally love Donald Glover. He is very underrated in my book, he acts, he’s a successful rapper, stand up comic, voice actor, producer, and writer. The guy is the real deal. So voicing Simba was a great choice.Next great casting choice was Seth Rogan as Pumba. I mean look at the guy, you can not tell me he’s not a Pumba. He was born to play that roll. Now the reason why people may not like this movie as much. One it looks like a National Geographic. They missed the mark on making the animals look similar to the characters, they went for the real look. Two if you’re a purist. The dialog was changed up in parts, and the scenes were as well. A good example of this is when Pumba goes to distract the hyenas. In the original Timon and Pumba put on an entire show where Timon is wearing a grass skirt and Pumba has an apple in his mouth and they go through a hula dance. In the remake this doesn’t happen, Timon and Pumba just kinda run out and the hyenas chase them. Another good example is when Rafiki meets up with Simba. It is arguably one of the most famous scenes in Lion King. He wacks Simba over the head, teaches him a lesson and moves on. That part does not happen in the new movie. So again if you’re a purist, you probably will not like it. Was it a great movie, yes. This is one i recommend, but if your’e a 90’s baby like me. You may or may not be disappointed.


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