The Good Boys

So right off the bat you know from the previews, and Seth Rogen being the top producer, it’s a raunchy movie. If you don’t like raunchy movies, then avoid this movie like the plague. It’s about three friends since kindergarten who are now going into the sixth grade. The main boy, Max, gets invited to his first kissing party and he brings his two best friends Lucas, and Thor a long for the ride. Things go south pretty fast when they use Max’s dads drone to spy on the teenage girls next door in order to figure out how to kiss. The girls spot the drone and capture it. Once the boys ask for the drone and realize they’re not getting it back they steal the girls purse in retaliation unknowing the purse contains drugs. Now the girls will do whatever it takes to get the purse back while the boys are still in pursuit to get their drone so Max’s dad doesn’t ground him forever. This movie is raunchy, but not only is it hilarious it is also heart warming. I was worried this might be one of those films that show all the good parts on the previews and the rest is a snooze fest, or cringe worthy. This wasn’t the case, the boys go through a lot of growing in their short adventure and learn that is okay to grow together and sometimes it’s okay to go your own separate paths. Casting was also excellent for this movie, I would recommend checking out ‘The Good Boys.’


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