IT Chapter Two

I recently saw an article claiming ‘IT Chapter Two’ was a three hour disappointment. I’m here to say that is not even remotely true. There’s a few reasons I loved this film, 1 I’m a huge Stephen King fan. I’ve read almost all of his work, and IT is a great novel. Also I have an IT tattoo on my shoulder. 2. It follows the Novel almost to a T. Everyone knows the book is always better, and this film really does the book justice. 3. The casting is great. James McAvoy is one of the best actors out there right now. He played twenty three different personalities in ‘Split”. Bill Skarsgard is the perfect casting for Pennywise. I give Tim Curry credit for his role, he is the original Pennywise, but his performance can’t even hold a candle to Skarsgards. He as the creepy factor dialed in perfectly, along with the voice. Also Stephen King has a small cameo in this film. How can you not love that? You’re going to enjoy this film more if you have read the book, but I believe you will still enjoy it even if you haven’t. It’s a non stop scare fest from the beginning all the way till the end. Once the Losers club returns to Derry, it’s on for Pennywise.


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