Everyone knows the ‘Joker’ movie, it’s the hottest movie in the world right now, but is it worth the watch? When I saw the ‘Joker’ preview for the first time I thought it looked terrible, and with Joaquin Phoenix cast as the Joker I thought it was a terrible casting choice. The more I saw the previews, the more intrigued I became, you couldn’t go to a movie without seeing this previewed. So I’ll jump right into it, ‘Joker’ is a brilliant movie, and Joaquin Phoenix is nothing short of brilliant. He deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of the Joker, and honestly if he doesn’t get one it’s a snub. This is a very dark take on the Joker, but that’s the main reason why I love it, they managed to humanize the Joker, and even gain sympathy for him. It shows the transformation of a mentally ill man who society has turned their back on, who spirals deeper and deeper into insanity till the breaking point where he finally becomes the Joker. They captured the true Joker here, which I don’t feel has been managed to do before. As much as I hate to say it move over Heath Ledger, we have a new Joker in Joaquin Phoenix, and I may dare say we have the movie of the year.


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