If you could find out the exact moment of your death down to the hour, minute, second, would you do it? This is the question ‘Countdown’ asks. In our modern tech savvy world everything is just a download away with an app on our phone. Countdown is an app that does just that, it lets you know the exact moment of your death. The story follows a young nurse (Elizabeth Lail) who downloads the app out of curiosity, and finds out she only has hours left to live. She runs into a guy (Jordan Calloway) who also downloaded the app, and also has hours left to live. They are determined to find a way to get rid of the app and will do whatever it takes. Only one problem, that’s a breach of contract with the app, and death will still come.

It’s your typical pg 13 horror film, it’s not R so it needs to rely on the story and jump scenes vs gore, nudity, and language. The Acting is pretty good, and it’s actually a good movie. It’s not scary, but it does have a creepy factor going for it. It’s worth a watch.


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