‘Rattlesnake’ is an exclusive Netflix original. It’s about a woman and her daughter who are traveling through the desert when she suffers a flat tire. While changing the tire, the daughter suffers a rattlesnake bite. Panicked she looks around and sees a shack by itself, she rushes her daughter to the shack where a woman resides, the mysterious woman says she can save her daughter, and that she must still take her to a hospital. The woman tells the mother they can discuss payment later. The mother finds out the price of payment is a soul for a soul. Her daughters soul is spared, so the mother must take one in return, and she only has till sunset to do so.

‘Rattlesnake’ stars Carmen Ejogo (Fantastic Beasts), Emma Greenwell (Shameless), and Theo Rossi (SOA, Luke Cage). The acting is really good, especially Carmen Ejogo, she nails the frantic mother. I give Netflix a lot of credit for pumping out movie after movie, and I really love the story to this one. It’s a great storyline, and you can go a numerous amount of directions with it. At the end though I was hoping for more, especially with such a great storyline. It’s not a bad movie, but it’s not a great one either, it falls in the okay category, and at the end of the day it’s a forgettable one.


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