Last Christmas

Last Christmas follows the story of Kate (Emilia Clarke) who works year round as an elf in a store named Santa’s Christmas shop. She recently had a heart transplant and has been in a slump ever since. With no where to turn and her life seeming dismal, she runs into a quirky stranger Tom (Henry Golding) who she quickly falls for.

This is your typical Christmas rom/com where someone isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit, but by the end they are. With that being said though, I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was top notch from Emilia Clarke, and Henry Golding. There is a twist ending, but it is pretty obvious, my wife guessed it. There’s subtle hints throughout the movie, and the song Last Christmas is played throughout, which pretty much gives it away. Even guessing the ending though, it doesn’t spoil the film. ‘Last Christmas’ delivers a heart warming feeling that will get you into the Christmas spirit.


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