Girl on the Third Floor

‘Girl on the Third Floor’ is a horror film that Netflix has been pushing lately. Even has a little tag on the picture saying top 10 in the U.S. Today. Top ten exactly what? Top ten best movies, worst movies, most disgusting movies? People see a top ten and automatically assume it is for something great, when really you can list anything in a top ten category of some kind. ‘Girl on the Third Floor’ is about a husband and his pregnant wife leaving the city and buying a run down house in the suburbs. Unknown to them, the house use to be a brothel and not all the spirits have left. The husband is fixing up the house, getting it ready before his pregnant wife joins him. He ends up cheating on his wife, and soon there will be hell to pay.

There’s not really a big or well known cast, unless you are big into wrestling. Which I am not. The movie stars CM Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, and Sarah Brooks. I saw different stories about this movie saying it’s Netflix’s most disturbing movie, and grossest movie. I say these people don’t know horror, and haven’t seen much horror if they think this is the most disturbing movie out there. Just watch ‘Terrifier’ it beats this movie in the gore aspect, and disturbing part.

The acting is pretty good, especially on Sarah Brooks end. She really nails down the crazy role. I do think there is some unnecessary gore. Throughout the film the house has semen come out of it’s sockets, shower head, faucets, etc.. along with blood oozing out of the walls. Which the Semen part is pretty gross, and I get where the people who said this movie is disturbing are coming from. If you can get past this aspect it is a pretty decent film that has you saying WTF several times throughout it. All in all I give it a 6.5/10.


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