As mentioned in previous reviews while the majority of us are stuck at home watching streaming services such as Netflix, I’m going to be mostly reviewing movies found on streaming services. This time I’ll be reviewing ‘Wilding’. ‘Wilding’ is a 2018 fantasy/horror movie that you can find on Netflix. It follows the story of Anna (Bel Powley) who spends her entire life in captivity, she’s not allowed to go outside or leave her room because the Wilding may get her. A Wilding is a werewolf like creature who only eats children. The only socialization Anna gets is from her daddy (Brad Dourif). When Anna is sixteen, her daddy shoots himself in the head and both end up being hospitalized. A friendly sheriff takes Anna in, and for the first time in her life she is experiencing the outside world.

‘Wilding’ cast includes Bel Powley (White Boy Rick), Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Child’s Play), James Legros (Hunters), Liv Tyler (Armageddon), and Collin Kelly-Sordelet (Radium Girls).

‘Wilding’ has a real brothers grimm feel to it in the beginning, she’s captive in a house in the woods and there’s a supernatural creature in the woods. First half or more is really good, it’s mysterious and her interactions with society for the first time really draws you in. The next half or so takes a weird turn and becomes kind of boring. It reminds me of ‘Sorry to Bother You’ in that aspect, really good movie then just takes a hard left turn and becomes weird when all of a sudden they are being turned into horse people with giant horse dicks. Honestly where did that even come from. I still like the originality of this film, it’s hard to find good creature horror films. I think it’s still worth the watch even though it didn’t remain as good as it started out. I give it a 5.5/10.


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