The Lighthouse

‘The Lighthouse’ is 2019 horror/drama that can be currently found in Redbox. ‘The Lighthouse’ follows the story of two lighthouse keepers who are on the job for four weeks while waiting for their relief as they slowly slip into insanity. ‘The Lighthouse’ has a very small cast, it’s only a two person cast made up of Willem Dafoe (The Boondock Saints), and Robert Pattinson (Twilight).

‘The Lighthouse’ was nominated for several awards and won several as well. It is also highly rated on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic. It’s filmed in black and white and the use of light and shadows give it an old school look. The movie itself is very odd, the acting from Dafoe and Pattinson is solid, and both men play their parts very well. However the movie is filled with random flash scenes, such as Pattinson having sex with a mermaid, and octopus tentacles. The two hour run time feels much longer, more like a three hour movie. It has you guessing what is going on through much of it. I feel if you like artsy type movies, this one will be up your alley. Even though the acting is good and it’s highly rated, for me it’s a pass. I give it a 4.5/10.


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