The Invisible Man

‘The Invisible Man’ is a 2020 horror/ thriller with it’s own take on the classic story of ‘The Invisible Man’. A woman’s abusive ex dies leaving her five million on the condition she is mentally sound. If she is proved to be mentally unsound, she loses all the money. She is convinced her ex faked his death and is now tormenting her as an invisible force. ‘The Invisible Man’ stars Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale), Oliver Jackson- Cohen (Faster), Harriet Dyer (No Activity), and Aldis Hodge (What Men Want).

‘The Invisible Man’ is put out by Blumhouse productions, and like I mentioned in my review on ‘Fantasy Island’, Blumhouse puts out some really good horror movies. So I was excited when this came out, after seeing the trailer I was a little hesitant, it appeared to be one of those that basically show the entire movie in the trailer. I figured I would still give it a shot though. It’s a decent movie, a little slow of a build up for my tastes. Also I found it to be predictable, other than that the writing is good, it does manage to throw a couple of twists in there, and the acting is solid from the main stars. I have to go with a 6.5/10.


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