You Should Have Left

‘You Should Have Left’ is a 2020 horror/mystery by Blumhouse Productions starring Kevin Bacon (Footloose), Amanda Seyfried (The Clapper), and Avery Tiiu Essex. A Husband rents a house in the countryside of Wales for a vacation with his wife and their six year old daughter. The family starts having strange nightmares, and the house may not be what it seems.

I had my reservations about this movie. I don’t think Kevin Bacon is a strong lead, but Blumhouse always puts out strong movies so I figured I would give it a shot. The acting is solid especially from Avery Tiiu Essex, she holds her own with a much more experienced Amanda Seyfried and Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon also pleasantly surprised me and did a good job as the lead role.

‘You Should Have Left’ has the creepy factor going for it, and what I like most about this movie is it leaves a lot up for interpretation. However, parts of it drag more than most Blumhouse movies. I give it a 6.5/10.


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