What Keeps You Alive

‘What Keeps You Alive’ is a 2018 thriller/horror starring Hannah Anderson (Jigsaw), Brittany Allen (It Stains the Sand Red), and written and directed by Colin Minihan. ‘What Keeps You Alive’ is about a couple, Jackie (Anderson), and Jules( Allen) who go to Jackie’s childhood cabin to celebrate their one year anniversary. Once there, Jules finds out how Jackie really is, a psychopath who is determined to kill Jules.

I normally don’t mention the director, but serious kudos to Colin Minihan for writing and directing this one. It’s good, I mean damn good. The two stars are relatively unknown, but their acting in this film is incredible. Hannah Anderson will have you believing she’s a bonafide psychopath by the end of the movie. This movie is intense right from the start all the way to finish, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat the entire time, and is full of surprises and twists. I give it a 10/10. As you already know, I don’t just hand out tens. The movie has to be spectacular and blow me away. The story, and acting did just that in this one. I have never heard of it before I watched it, it’s one of the more underrated horror movies out there.


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