The Last Shift

‘The Last Shift’ is a 2020 independent comedy/drama starring Richard Jenkins (Burn After Reading), Ed O’Neil (Modern Family), and Shane Paul McGhie (What Men Want). ‘The Last Shift’ is about an older white guy named Stanley (Jenkins), who has worked in the same fast food restaurant for the past 38 years. He’s finally going to leave his job, but first he must train his replacement, a young black guy named Jevon (McGhie).

‘The Last Shift’ looks pretty good from trailers, but that’s about it. There isn’t much comedy, just mostly drama, and unfortunately it’s a let down. The acting from O’Neil and McGhie is good, and they play their roles well, but the story just doesn’t go anywhere. They slide racial tension in the movie as well, but that doesn’t even really go anywhere. O’Neil and Mcghie butt heads throughout the movie, and how they both have it rough. In the end you see that Stanley has it worse than Jevon, then it just ends. ‘The Last Shift’ has a few flashes here and there but mostly there is no direction. In the end it’s a forgettable movie, I give it a 5.5/10.


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