‘Holidate’ is a 2020 Netflix original romantic/comedy that’s arrived just in times for the holidays. With October over, the scary movies move over for the Christmas movies, and this is the first Christmassy one of the season. ‘Holidate’ is a pretty simple concept, a holidate is a date just for holidays only. ‘Holidate’ follows the story of Sloane and Jackson, two people who are sick of dating but don’t want to be single on the holidays. After meeting each other in the mall, they decide to be each other’s holidates. This includes all holidays, Christmas, new years, valentines day, St. Patrick’s Day etc.. ‘Holidate’ stars Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), Luke Bracey (Point Break), Kristin Chenoweth (RV), King Bach (The Babysitter), and Manish Dayal (The Resident).

I said this one is a Christmassy movie and not a Christmas movie because the fact it covers all the holidays. However our story starts with Christmas and ends with Christmas, so close enough. I’m not a big fan of rom/com, but this one looked pretty good, and I like the original concept of this movie. ‘Holidate’ follows a typical rom/com plot, the main stars don’t like each other, but then they slowly start to fall for each other, but because of some stupid reason they can’t be together. The movie even takes a shot at themselves by saying this is the basic plot of all rom/com’s, which is pretty funny. Luke Bracey is funny, he reminds me a lot of Chris Hemsworth, same accent, same sense of humor, and similar mannerisms. I’m already a fan of Emma Roberts from her roles in American Horror Story. Overall it’s not as funny as I would have hoped for, but Bracey and Roberts have a good connection and the movie works for it. It’s a good kickoff for the Christmas movie season. I give it a 7/10.


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