Alien Xmas

‘Alien Xmas’ is a 2020 Netflix children/family Christmas movie starring Keythe Farley (Mass Effect 2), Dee Bradley Baker (American Dad!), and Kaliayh Rhambo (SEAL Team). ‘Alien Xmas’ follows the story of an alien race called the Klepts, they have no joy and steal everything and anything they can. Their newest plan is to go to earth and set up a machine to turn off earth’s gravitational pull. Once it is off, all of earth’s possessions will float into space where the Klepts will steal it. They send X, the smallest of the Kelpts, to the North Pole to set up the machine, but he soon changes his ways and learns the true meaning of Christmas.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this one a movie, more of a short or a Christmas special, it’s only 42 minutes long and after credits the run time is only about 38/39 minutes. It has an old retro, old-school feel to it. The animation style is done similar to the old Christmas special ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’, and that’s pretty cool. It’s like most Christmas movies, like ‘The Grinch’, where there is a grumpy character who stays grumpy until he learns the true meaning of Christmas. We’ve seen it a million times. However, they put a unique twist on it, and bring back the old animation style. For that ‘Alien Xmas’ is a winner this holiday season that the whole family will enjoy. I give it a 7/10


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