A Promising Young Woman

‘A Promising Young Woman’ is a 2020 crime/thriller starring Carey Mulligan (The Great Gatsby), Bo Burnham (The Big Sick), Alison Brie (GLOW), Chris Lowell (GLOW), and Max Greenfield (New Girl). A promising young woman (Mulligan) drops out of med school to take care of her childhood best friend when she is gang raped at a party and is forced to drop out of school when the school turns a blind eye to the event. She now swears vengeance on anyone and everyone involved in her friends rape, and also all bad men in general.

This is a pretty dark film, but an interesting, an original concept. Mulligan pretends to be drunk every night at a different club or bar, and leaves with a guy who volunteer’s to take her home. When the said guy doesn’t take her home but instead to his home and tries to take advantage of her, that’s when she strikes. It’s a real and scary topic that isn’t addressed enough, and kudos to ‘A Promising Young Woman’ on addressing it. It’s a topic that people do tend to turn a blind eye to and even shoot it down in a lot of situations when a woman does cry rape. The biggest problem I had with this film is Mulligan playing a 30 year old, she looks to be about 45 in this movie. I don’t know if they made her look older because everything that’s happened to her character or she really looks 45, but it was difficult to imagine her as a 30 year old. Also the movie is a little anticlimactic until the end of the movie, it does have a great ending, but other than that it just kind of floats a long. I give it a 6/10.


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