‘Sightless’ is a 2020 thriller, it has a small cast starring Madelaine Petsch (Polaroid), Alexander Koch (Under the Dome), and December Ensminger (True Detective). A young talented violinist (Petsch) is attacked and left blind. She is moved to a new apartment and given a caregiver (Koch) to help her adjust to her new lifestyle. However, paranoia soon sets in.

You can currently check this one out on Netflix, it starts out a little slow but about halfway through the movie, it starts to pick up, so bear with it. It’s pretty easy to guess what the twist is with basically a three person cast, I called it early in the film, but it’s still a good watch. It throws some misdirection in here and there with seeing what she thinks she is seeing, and may have you question what’s going on. I give it a 7.5/10.


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