No Escape Room

‘No Escape Room’ is 2018 horror/mystery starring Jeni Ross (Stage Fright), Mark Ghanime (The Age of Adaline), Kathryn Davis (The Wedding Planners), and Dennis Andres (Workin’ Moms). A father (Ghanime), and daughter (Ross) go on a bonding trip by going to an escape room. They join three others at the escape room, only problem is, the escape room doesn’t want them to leave, and it has deadly consequences.

It’s interesting that this came out a year before ‘Escape Room’ did. Did ‘Escape Room’ copy the idea or is it a coincidence? ‘Escape Room’ is one of the best thriller/horrors out there, ‘No Escape Room’ not so much. It is a lot better than most of the horror/thriller movies streaming on Netflix, but it falls at okay. The Acting starts out a little cheesy but it get’s good once they get to the escape room. It hooks you in, and has you wanting to know what happens next. The middle falls flat, it’s almost like the writers didn’t know what to do once they were at the escape room. There’s random parts thrown in that have nothing to do with anything. For instance, the dad randomly goes into a painting, and is seduced by a woman coming out of a river. Doesn’t play any part into the movie whatsoever, the writers were like hell let’s throw that in there. After you get past the middle of the film it starts to get good again. In short, ‘Escape Room’ is definitely the better version of ‘No Escape Room.’ If you do want to check it out, you can currently find it on Netflix. I give it a 5.5/10


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