The Woman in the Window

‘The Woman in the Window’ is a 2021 Netflix original psychological mystery/thriller based off the book by A.J. Finn. It stars Amy Adams (Hillbilly Elegy), Fred Hechinger (News of the World), Gary Oldman (Crisis), Wyatt Russell (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), and Brian Tyree Henry (Widows).

An agoraphobic shut in (Adams) starts spying on her neighbors, and witnesses a grisly murder of the wife. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, and now she must convince them, even herself, that what she saw, really happened.

This story has been told a thousand times. ‘The Simpsons’ even did an episode about it, Bart breaks his leg and he starts spying on his neighbors and witnesses a murder. I read a book when I was a kid, a pg version of course, but a kid is sitting in his cherry tree and witnesses his neighbor get killed. In both instances no one believes Bart, or the kid. Same as this movie, only this one puts a few small twists on the classic story. Adding booze, and psychotics, so you began questioning what is real and what isn’t. I give ‘The Woman in the Window’ this, it has a great twist at the end, and it is possibly all that saves this movie. Up to that point it’s a very slow burn with little action. Amy Adams is a great actress and she plays a good role, but not a lot happens till the end. It’s one of those that the trailer is more exciting than the movie. It’s not a bad movie but it’s not as good as what I thought it would be. I give it a 6.5/10


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