The Paper Tigers

‘The Paper Tigers’ is a 2021 Action/Comedy starring Alain Uy (The Morning Show), Ron Yuan (Mulan), Mykel Shannon Jenkins (The Gods), and Matthew Page (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot).

Three martial art prodigies who are called the three tigers go their separate ways, only to be reunited years later when their sifu (master) is killed. They’re now middle aged, out of shape, and working regular jobs, they must come together to avenge their sifu’s death.

I don’t know any of the actors, and it appears to be low budget, but I figured I would watch it. This movie surprised me, it’s not a mediocre film by any means. The acting, and story is really good. It is filled with a perfect amount of action and comedy. It’s not your typical martial arts movie where it’s filled with non stop cheesiness, where they would come back middle aged and not miss a beat. This is not that film, they come back and they’re about as good as you think they would be after years of not training. You can’t help but cheering for the three tigers in this. I give it a 9/10.


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