Candyman (2021)

‘Candyman’ is the sequel/remake of the 90’s classic horror film ‘Candyman’. This one stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Mirror), Teyonah Parris (The Photograph), and Michael Hargrove (The Express)

An Artist who is trying to find inspiration for his upcoming show finds out about the legend of Candyman. He investigates further and unknowingly unleashes Candyman.

So first off It’s a Jordan Peele movie so you know there’s going to be racial undertones. Look at his other two horror films, ‘Get Out’, and ‘Us’. Tony Todd (the original candyman) makes a cameo appearance at the end of the film saying something along the lines of you think the ones I kill are innocent but they’re not. The only ones killed in the film are white people. Just some food for thought.

So it’s not really a remake but kind of is, it follows along the lines of the first one, with someone investigating the legend of Candyman and unwittingly brings him back. This one however, also references the first one and does a great job tying this story in. Honestly it’s better than the first, more action. Abdul-Mateen II does a great job of playing the Candyman role. They also bring Tony Todd in for a scene, you can’t have Candyman without Tony Todd. Candyman tends to get overlooked when you look at the big horror villains Michael Myers, Jason, Leather Face, and Freddy Krueger. Candyman deserves his spot among them, and Jordan Peele did a great job reviving this horror franchise. I look forward to more movies to come. I give it a 7/10.


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