The Outfit

“The Outfit” is a 2022 crime drama/thriller starring Zoey Deutch (Why Him?), Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf), Mark Rylance (The BFG), and Johnny Flynn (Emma.).

An expert cutter gets dragged into a dangerous situation when a mobster stumbles into his shop after being a shot. He must now tread carefully and try to outsmart the mob in order to survive the night before things spiral out of control.

This is a great period film, it takes place in 1956 in Chicago, in a cutter’s shop. Which before this film I would have called him a tailor, but he makes it very clear anyone can be a tailor, a tailor only sews buttons. He’s a cutter. The whole hour and 45-minute movie takes place in one spot, the cutter’s shop. So not a whole lot of action, so the movie has to rely on one thing, it’s writing. If it doesn’t have strong writing it would be unbearable, because it only takes place in one spot, it’s almost all dialogue. This one is brilliantly written. It keeps you guessing the entire time with twists and turns, and after the 20 minute mark it will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. It has a real “The Usual Suspects” feel to it where the answer is in front of you the whole time but you don’t realize it. For the writing alone I give it a solid 9/10. If you didn’t catch it in theaters, it’s streaming exclusively right now on Peacock.


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