1 BR

“1 BR” is a 2020 thriller/drama starring Nicole Brydon Bloom (The Affair), Giles Matthey (Ford V Ferrari), Taylor Nichols (Criminal Minds), Celeste Sully (Dukkha), and Namoi Grossman (American Horror Story).

Sarah (Bloom) is a young girl who moves out to L.A. trying to make it by making costumes. She finds a one-bedroom apartment that seems perfect, with a real sense of community. She quickly discovers her neighbors aren’t all that they seem, and something much sinister lies beneath.

Nicole Brydon Bloom plays a good lead, and I like the story, it’s very unique. There are a few moments that make you say WTF, that also mixes in some gore. Overall, it’s a psychological thriller, and it sets up for a great ending that you probably don’t see coming. I give it a 7/10.


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