“HollyBlood” is a 2022 Netflix original Spanish comedy/horror starring Oscar Casas (The Orphanage), Isa Montalban (Just One Time), Jordi Sanchez (L’un per l’altre), Carlos Suarez (Money Heist), and Piero Mendez (Calvin Klein: Spring/Summer 2018).

A shy boy tries to impress and win over a girl at his school by pretending to be a vampire. All is well and working until a real vampire shows up.

I’m typically not a fan of foreign movies due to the subs and dubs not matching up and the dubs not matching up with the mouth movement. This one matches up, and it’s not far off from the lip movement so it’s not bad. It’s a silly, dumb, lighthearted movie, it’s pretty much a spoof on vampire romance movies. There’s not much depth, but it’s funny especially Jordi Sanchez who plays the dad. Overall, it’s a fun watch. I give it a 7/10.


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