A Fall From Grace

‘A Fall From Grace’ is a 2020 Netflix original drama/thriller by Tyler Perry. It follows the story of an older woman, Grace Waters (Crystal Fox), who recently divorced, falls in love with a younger man. Everything seems perfect until they get married and he turns from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. As things get worse and worse, she gets arrested and faces life in prison for the murder of her new husband. Her case depends on her more than green public defender Jasmine (Bresha Webb).

I’ve said before in the past Netflix keeps pumping original after original movie, I like that. I also like Tyler Perry’s work and the trailer is very intriguing, so it seems like a win. It features a pretty decent cast starring Crystal Fox (Driving Miss Daisy), Bresha Webb (Night School. Meet the Blacks), Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show), Mehcad Brooks (True Blood), and Tyler Perry.

Unfortunately that’s about as far as this movie goes. The story is great and hooks you in, and it has a great twist I didn’t see coming, but after the first half it just falls flat, and it falls hard. The acting isn’t really that good, it’s on the cheesy side. It stresses over and over how the public defender isn’t experienced, or that good. She doesn’t seem to care about her job, and it makes it not very believable, and you don’t really root for her. The more you think about the movie the more plot holes you can tend to come up with. It’s a great story that could have been executed better, again unfortunately it falls flat and is easily a forgettable movie. I give it a 5/10.


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