The Wrong Missy

‘The Wrong Missy’ is Netflix’s new comedy starring David Spade (Joe Dirt), and Lauren Lapkus ( The Big Bang Theory). It’s currently number one in the U.S. for Netflix. Tim (Spade) goes on a blind date with Melissa (Lapkus), Melissa turns out to be beyond crazy and Tim hopes to never see her again. He ends up inviting her to Hawaii by mistake after meeting another Melissa. He texts the blind date by mistake thinking it is the new Melissa and now Tim is stuck in Hawaii on a corporate retreat with the crazy one.

‘The Wrong Missy’ is a Happy Madison production. You know when it’s a Happy Madison production, Adam Sandler is going to bring the whole crew. I love it, I love how he uses pretty much the same actors in all Happy Madison productions. ‘The Wrong Missy’ isn’t any different, other than David Spade it has Nick Swardson, Jackie Sandler, Rob Schneider, Jorge Garcia, Jonathan Loughran, Jared Sandler, and Vanilla Ice. You watch any Adam Sandler film you’re going to see one or several of these guys in it.

The film is a little on the crude side, if you don’t like those type of movies this ones not for you. It’s pretty good, Lauren Lapkus steals the show with her crazy part. She has you saying WTF more than once, it also has its laugh out loud parts. I give it a 6.5/10


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