Wrong Turn (2021)

‘Wrong Turn’ is a 2021 horror/thriller starring Charlotte Vega (The Misfits Club), Adain Bradley (Riverdale), Bill Sage (American Psycho), Daisy Head (Underworld: Blood Wars), and Matthew Modine (Stranger Things). A group of young friends hike the Appalachian trail. While in a small redneck town, that part of it runs through, they stray off the designated trail. They end up getting lost and end up running into a primitive colony that was setup before the civil war to divide themselves from America and the direction it was headed. The colony has the woods booby trapped. If they survive the booby traps, the colony uses deadly force to get them out of their woods.

I didn’t even know they were making a new ‘Wrong Turn’ movie, I never saw a trailer or anything about it. I first heard about it a few weeks ago when I was looking at what movies were in theaters. I saw this was playing, figured it was worth seeing, I liked the original 2003 film, but when I went to purchase the tickets they were sixteen dollars apiece, which is weird considering in my area, tickets are about nine dollars apiece. It also only stayed in theaters in my area for like two days, so maybe that’s why the prices were almost double, so I gave it a pass, and checked it out on Redbox. This one has a two hour run time, think of the horror movie ‘The Empty Man’, that also had a 2 hour run time. Like I said in ‘The Empty Man’, two hours for a horror movie is way too long. Even if it’s really scary, you’re eventually going to get bored with the story being that long. Horror movies just aren’t made to be that long, it’s not in their formula. So it already has that going against it, then it’s just weird. The movie goes in one direction, and then goes in a different one. They’re not only hunting the kids, but then they make one their bride and then it has kind of a fantasy type feel to it. I think it could be really good, if they cut out about 30 mins, and got some better actors. The actors and actresses aren’t bad but a little cheesy in parts. Overall it’s an okay film, I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it, but if it was on I’d probably watch it. I give it a 5.5/10.


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