Yes Day

‘Yes Day’ is Netflix’s new 2021 family comedy starring Jennifer Garner (Peppermint), Edgar Ramirez (Gold), Jenna Ortega (You), Julian Lerner (Leo the Lionhearted), and Everly Carganilla. A mom (Garner), and dad (Ramirez) give their kids a yes day, where they can’t say no, but yes to all the kids requests, with a few ground rules of course.

So the plot sounds identical to Jim Carrey’s movie ‘Yes Man’ where he decides to say yes to everything and give up saying no. This is just the watered down family version. The trailer looks pretty good, and I like the concept, but the movie doesn’t deliver. It’s one of those where all the best parts are in trailer, and not too funny past that. It’s a good family movie that your kids will probably enjoy, but just not a good stand alone movie. Fun fact though, Jennifer Garner actually has yes days with her kids in real life, which is pretty cool, and would be a cool thing to try. The movie though, I give it a 5.5/10.


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