The Open House

‘The Open House’ is a 2018 Netflix original horror movie starring Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why), Piercey Dalton (Interrogation), Patricia Bethune (True Blood), and Sharif Atkins (ER).

A son and mother stay in a family member’s mountain home while trying to get back on their feet. The only stipulation is the family member is selling the house, so the mom and son must be out at certain times for the open house times.

So this has every aspect to not only be a good horror film, but an amazing one. Big secluded mountain house.. check, son and mom by themselves… check, and random strangers coming into the house while the mom and son are gone… check. It has the perfect set up, and then that’s it. It’s like the writers came up with a shell and then just gave up and left it empty. My wife referred to it as lazy writing, which I hate to call the writers lazy, so I’m just going to go with they didn’t know what to do with the plot. So let’s dive into it. It’s a very slow burn where nothing really happens till the last 20 minutes or so, which is okay a lot of movies do this. However I’ve never seen a movie where so much stuff was added that had nothing to do with helping the story. They kept focusing on the water heater, the basement, the kid’s mile time, and the neighbor with Alzheimer’s. None of these things ever come into play and have absolutely nothing to do in furthering the story. In Stephen King’s book “On Writing” he mentions that you never write anything into a story if it doesn’t have a purpose, otherwise it’s just wasted. These writers should have read his book. When we finally get to the end, it doesn’t explain anything. So this movie looks good, but that’s it, avoid it like a bad open house. I give it a 4/10.


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