The Forever Purge

‘The Forever Purge’ is the fifth installment of the horror series ‘The Purge’. It stars Ana de la Reguera (Nacho Libre), Cassidy Freeman (Longmire), Leven Rambin (The Hunger Games), Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama), Tenoch Huerta (Get the Gringo), and Zahn Mcclarnon (Longmire).

When the siren sounds to end the annual purge, a group decides the purge shouldn’t end, and continues to wreck havoc.

I love ‘The Purge’ series, it’s one of the best horror series out there. I’ve seen all of them in theaters including this one, and none of them have disappointed. That is until, now. Somehow ‘The Purge’ has managed to shock and awe me every time, I remember watching the first one, and I was in shock how insane this movie was. 24 hours where anything is legal, and each movie lived up to it time and time again, but maybe now it’s played out. This one gets really political, while the U.S. is suffering the never ending purge, Mexico and Canada open up their borders for a brief time for sanctuary. So now its a flee to the Mexican border. The Border crisis is a hot button issue right now regardless of which political side you fall on. This movie basically just hammers this topic over and over, but that’s not why this movie was bad. This movie is bad, because well, it’s boring. It just felt like an empty shell, yes they were running for their lives trying to get to the Mexican border, but most of the movie they were just hiding. Not a lot of action at all for a Purge movie. I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen, but it never really did, just a few spots here and there. Towards the end of the movie I just wanted it to end, I couldn’t care less if they even made it to the border by that point. Maybe five purges is just one too many. This will be the one that puts an asterisks beside the film series for me. I give it a 4/10.


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