Coming Home in the Dark

‘Coming Home in the Dark’ is a 2021 thriller/horror starring Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries), Erik Thomson (All Saints), Miriami McDowell (This is Not My Life), and Matthias Luafutu (Cowboy Bepop).

A teacher must face his dark past when two armed men take him, his wife, and two kids at gun point while they’re hiking in the mountains.

This one’s from New Zealand so the accents are a little thick, so I recommend putting on the subtitles for the first little bit anyway until you get used to it. It’s a solid film and draws you in pretty close to the beginning of the movie, once the main bad guys show up. It does lose some of its scariness, I guess you would call it, once you find out the abduction and killing isn’t random. The randomness makes it scarier, because you can relate to it more. It could just as easily happen to you, and your family, and it makes you stop and think. Still, it’s good, the act for revenge is a little iffy, but as much of a cold-blooded killer as the main bad guy is, I guess it stands up. It’s a gritty, everyone must face their past thriller movie, it’s worth the watch. You can catch it currently on Netflix, I give it an 8/10.


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