“They/Them” is a 2022 Peacock exclusive horror movie starring Kevin Bacon (You Should Have Left), Theo Germaine (Work in Progress), Anna Chlumsky (My Girl), Austin Crute (Daybreak), and Darwin del Fabro (Dangerous Liaisons).

A group of LGBTQ teens go to a conversion camp, all for different reasons while a horrifying experience awaits.

This is an LGBTQ movie, and it is getting slammed online with a 3.3/10 on IMDB, and a 32 percent on rotten tomatoes, while all the reviews seem bad. Some have gone on to call it too “woke”. Which to a degree is true, but that’s not why it is bad. They focus too much on them being LGBTQ instead of the story. It’s supposed to be a slasher film, which to me it doesn’t matter who’s getting killed. A slasher film is a slasher film as long as it has a good story. However, the word slasher and horror movie are used very lightly. The first murder doesn’t happen until almost an hour in, around the 45 min mark. When there’s more gay sex scenes than killings, is it really a horror movie? It’s not the worst horror movie I’ve seen, but it’s not good either. Not even the worse Kevin Bacon horror movie, that would be “You Should have Left.” That one is just a huge mess. Overall, this one could have been good if they cared more about the story, they missed a good opportunity. I would give this one a pass with a 4/10.

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